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2024 Q1 hackathon presentations

presentations are underway and still being added here and into their project folders which can be found here.

AI Community Character Creator System (AICCCS) Game

The AI Community Character Creator System (AICCCS) Community is creating AI Friends related to particular NFTs. This is a multi-phased effort being done in the public on Planet Eyeke to educate players about the opportunities and responsibilities associated with AI while creating extraordinary play paths for NFT holders.

Submitted by: Domenic Thomas

WAX Wallet: bqb3a.c.wam

2024 Hackathon Information Folder

AICCCS UnHackathon 2.23.2024.mp4
AI Grey Peacemaker IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Battlemech Blast!

The Hodl Wars “warfare chronicles” game Battlemech Blast! A top-down 2D web3 shooter on the WAX blockchain.

Join the ranks of your fellow Crypto-Moonboys or the Bitcoin Kids… choose a Battlemech & Pilot in the battle-hangar, get rumble ready, and log in to the server to battle!

While early BETA gameplay will focus on core mechanics testing and functionality, we will be running periodic roll outs with beefed up features and VFX as we finding them in our dev environment.

Get ready for Mech vs AI, PVP, Teams, and Waves based Chaos battles!

Squad up w your homies and take out rounds of enemy bots. Challenge your boss to a PVP death match ( with caution to ya bankroll ), or stand and fight solo against the enemy and reign supreme on our LFGK reward driven XP leaderboard!

Submitted by: Muenstervision 

WAX Wallet:  fs1r2.wam 

Battlemech Blast Hackathon 2024 Q1.mp4

Battlemech Blast Website

Battlemech Blast IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Official Trailer

Da Horde's Comics

Da Horde's Comics aims to start small as a collection of stories from the previous works of Byron Rempel and then expanding to new comics featuring a journey through the metaverse and incorporating people and platforms that have shaped the WAX ecosystem and my journey on the blockchains, over the years.

Submitted by Byron Rempel

WAX Wallet:  hordescomics

Note: Byron Rempel is being interviewed for the Comic Creators Workshop series on Monday, February 26, 2024 at Noon PT 

Enter the Chronaverse

The Chronaverse is its own self contained universe. It spans billions of years, countless races and realms. It has stories and has vast potential. It has bio-mechanical races, organic races, planets and is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Draconians, angels, elves, dwarves, monsters, you name it. The art is of very high quality - the chronaverse was one of if not THE first high quality art/music collections on atomichub and it's been a dream to work with alien worlds. All art is done in photoshop and other programs like zbrush. all art can be seen at or on atomichub under chronaverseo - we currently have a blending game too where you can evolve and hybridize species and increase their rarity through nefty blends.

"This project offers new utilities, lores, arts, and prestigious collaboration to our community. In hopes of creating a new card collection with faces and crew schemes as a long term goal of the series of proposals we will be presenting." - As reported in Eyeke Logs

Submitted by Shawn Dall

WAX Wallet: chronaverse1

Eyeke Logs

Eyeke Logs ( is a website that provides a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and experiences through online journals or blogs. This platform allows users to create their own customized blog pages and share their content with the world.

Eyeke Logs ( offers various features and tools to help users create visually appealing and engaging blog posts. Users can choose from a range of templates, customize layout and design elements, and add multimedia content like images, videos, and audio files to enhance their blog posts.

The platform also provides options for readers to like, comment, and share the blog posts, which encourages interaction and engagement among users. Additionally, Eyeke Logs ( allows bloggers to track their blog's performance through built-in analytics tools, providing insights into the audience reach and engagement levels of their content.

Whether you are a professional writer, a hobbyist blogger, or someone who wants to share personal stories, offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform to help you create and share your unique content with a global audience.

Submitted by Royce

WAX Wallet: 55kvo.wam

Galactic Troopers

Galactic Troopers is a game where you command your forces to defeat monsters and earn a score.  This score then determines your potential reward (from a prize pot of TLM) at the end of a game season.  The forces are assembled based on NFTs owned by you, from the Alien Worlds collection, category crew.worlds  (such as Mercenary, Greys, etc). Therefore, this game gives more utility to NFTs from this specific category.  Still in development. Early Alpha.

Code for the game will be open sourced soon.

Playable at 

Submitted by Alfred Peter

WAX Wallet: z2.di.wam

Galactic 123 Alien Worlds Planets IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Galactic 123: Alien Worlds Planets

2023 Hackathon Information Folder 

Leef Geo Miner

Leef geo miner rewards users for walking and sharing geo data through telegram to the bot. Weekly leaderboard systems also give token and incentive to move. More development in the future will include a geo caching system.



Game Bot: 


Submitted by: Jake Doge

Wallet: leefmaincorp

Alien Worlds Developers Site

Want to use the Alien Worlds APIs? Visit the Developers site:

Read more about the new APIs recently released: 

Metaverse Developers 

Join the Telegram Community for Metaverse Developers to meet each other and share requests.

Galactic Hubs
Grants Program

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Community Created Template for Galactic Hubs

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