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2023 hackathon presentations

presentations are underway and still being added here and into their project folders which can be found here.

Happy 1st Anniversary from the Alien Worlds Founders IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Happy 1st Anniversary from the Alien Worlds Founders!

Rob, Saro and Michael say Happy Anniversary to the Players!

API Track Info with Dallas Johnson IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Dallas Johnson, Head of Engineering at Dacoco/Alien Worlds

API Track Information & Q&A

Bump eCommerce Platform IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

BUMP eCommerce Platform

Information Folder

Aliens on WAX IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Aliens on WAX by BiHut Network

Information Folder

AW Reporting by EOSUSA.mp4

AW Reporting by EOSUSA

Information Folder

DAO Simulator IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Simulator for a DAO Governance

Information Folder

Alien Edition IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Alien Edition

Information Folder

Fractal App IU Hackathon 2023.mp4
Mercenary Battlegrounds IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Mercenary Battlegrounds

Information Folder

Galactic 123 Alien Worlds Planets IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Galactic 123: Alien Worlds Planets

Information Folder

AI Grey Peacemaker IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

AI Avatars for Alien World NFTs

Information Folder

TLM Request Bot IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

TLM Request Bot

Information Folder

MSIG Chat IU Hackathon 2023.mp4
AW Butler by EOSUSA IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

AW Butler by EOSUSA

Information Folder

AW MineQuest by EOSUSA.mp4

EOSUSA MineQuest

Information Folder

HRHR Stablecoin Protocol IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

HRHR Stablecoin

Information Folder

Community Empowerment IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Community Empowerment Through APIs: Creating a Fairer Gaming Ecosystem

Information Folder

Trilium Quest IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Trilium Quest

Information Folder

TLM Tipped Bot for Telegram IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

TLM Tipped Bot

Information Folder

Center for Governance IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Center for Governance

Information Folder

ips42 Satellite IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

ips42 Satellite

Information Folder

Battlemech Blast IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Battlemech Blast!

Information Folder

Habitat 67 on Planet Eyeke Presentation IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Habitat 67 on Planet Eyeke in Unreal Engine by Epic Games

Information Folder

CPDC IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

CPDC (Community Project Development Council)

Information Folder

Comic Con Birmingham IU Hackathon 2023.mp4

Comic Con Birmingham by Broken Dollz

Information Folder

Upland Aliens Hackathon.mp4
Eyeke Community Council.mp4

Eyeke Community Council

Information Folder

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